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Roman Glass Earrings

Roman Glass Earrings

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Add a touch of history and elegance to your look with these Ancient Roman Glass Drop Earrings. These earrings feature genuine ancient glass that measures approximately 13mm in diameter, with a hanging length of 51mm. Each piece of Roman glass has a unique and varying color, adding to the individuality of these earrings.

Crafted from .925 sterling silver, these earrings are not only beautiful but also durable and long-lasting. The French wire design adds a classic touch to the overall look, making these earrings perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

Included with the earrings is a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring that the ancient Roman glass used in the earrings is genuine. Add a piece of history to your jewelry collection with these unique and stunning earrings.

Product Features:
- Genuine ancient Roman glass for a touch of history
- .925 sterling silver for durability and quality
- French wire design for a classic and elegant look
- Certificate of Authenticity included
- Versatile and suitable for both casual and formal wear

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