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Charoite Ring

Charoite Ring

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Elevate your jewelry collection with the Three Times A Charm! Charoite Ring. This stunning sterling silver ring features three rectangular charoite stones, each measuring 10mm x 7mm, set in a beautiful and unique design. The band of the ring graduates from 7mm to 3mm for a comfortable fit.

Charoite is known for its vibrant violet hues and is believed to have powerful healing properties, making this ring not only a stylish accessory but also a meaningful one. Whether you wear it for its beauty or its metaphysical benefits, this charoite ring is sure to make a statement.

Product Features:
- Made of .925 sterling silver for durability and shine
- Features three rectangle charoite stones for a striking look
- Band graduates from 7mm to 3mm for a comfortable fit
- Sterling silver setting enhances the beauty of the charoite stones
- Perfect for adding a pop of color to any outfit and for harnessing the healing energy of charoite

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